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Top Songs of 2017 - A Cappella Medley/Mashup

Hello everyone! The Medleycrew and I are back with a 2017 a cappella medley, featuring every hit song and all the best music of the year! All songs used are listed in the description box of the YouTube video above.

Thank you so much to all of the lovely singers and friends who helped to put this project together - it's been 2 months in the making, and it came together in the most perfect way possible.


Alto: Maria Pougiales-Posey, Sachi Holla Tenor: Vivian Dinh, Danielle Jay Bezalel Baritone: Jaron Liclican Bass: Brian Wang Vocal Percussion: Kunwoo Hong

Filmed by Mitchell Tong (

I'm so grateful for all of your guys' support this year. I couldn't have done any of the things that I did without your help! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and I will see you soon!


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