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The Fairytale EP Is Out Now!

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Hello everyone,

My first EP, the Fairytale EP, is out today! Listen here:

The first single, "Fairytale", reached about 200,000 streams on Spotify recently. I'm so, so honored and grateful for everyone who has been listening to it!

Thank you so much to producers Elysium, Klave, and Deafkulture, who helped to bring all of the songs on the EP to life.

It's hard to believe that I started working on the EP almost 9 months ago. From then until now, I've learned so much. Writing and producing the songs was only one part, but the distribution, promotion, marketing was quite a challenge to learn about. I'm so thankful to everyone who has given me advice on this whole process.

A little over a year ago, I took the plunge and decided to quit my job in pursuit of my passion for music. Looking back, I honestly don't think that I would have had the motivation to create this EP had I stayed at my job.

In the months prior to me leaving my job, I was feeling two different types of stress. One was work-related stress (the stress of being a full-time employee), and the other was stress related to music-making (feeling as though I didn't have enough time to do all that I wanted to, musically). When I quit my job, I thought that I would be able to alleviate at least one of those sources of stress.

In actuality, the decision only ended up turning my work-related stress into additional music-making stress. It's a combination of trying to figure out how to be a successful musician, as well as trying not to be overwhelmed by the lack of success in the beginning. As I started taking on more projects, writing more songs, and filming more videos, that stress continued to build. Now looking back, I think that the stress was a good sign. It was a sign that I was trying to pursue my goals, instead of just sitting around and waiting for things to happen.

People tell you not to compare yourself to others, to stay positive, and to work hard. In reality, I think that it's unrealistic not to have moments of self-doubt. As long as you don't let that doubt consume you and prevent you from doing the things you want to do, I think it's healthy. 

On that note - There are plenty of things that I want to do, I should do, I need to do, and that I could be doing (working on my vocal technique, learning to be a better songwriter and producer, practicing my dance and speaking skills, and building my network of friends and collaborators to name only a few). I think time is the most important resource I have right now, and learning to use it efficiently is something I'm still working on.

I think the thing that I try to keep in mind is this: there are no requirements, guidelines, or list of steps to become a successful musician. It's not like being an accountant, where you know what classes to take, which schools to study at, and what companies to apply for. If that were the case, everyone would be a musician. The only thing you can do is try to emulate the things that other successful musicians are doing.

Which leads me to my last thought - enjoying the journey. This is something that, in all honesty, I'm really bad at. I get very caught up in trying to finish things. I like checking things off my list of to-dos. and I forget about the results. 

Which I now realize is why I should write this little blog post, to celebrate my successes. Big or small, they are still successes in a journey with no determined path or end. So better to enjoy them now while they still last!

See you soon,


"Fairytale EP" Track List:

1. Fairytale 2. Stay Away 3. Pennies Over Love 4. Landslide 5. Paradise 6. Fairytale (Acoustic Version)


Watch the Fairytale music video:

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