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10 Super Helpful Websites For Bedroom Producers and DIY Musicians

As an independent singer and songwriter, I write, record, and create all of my own projects from my bedroom. Since I don't have the backing of a record label, I usually need to create my own marketing assets and release strategies on my own. I've done plenty of research to find websites and resources that will help me with my next music release.

I recently went through my entire list of website bookmarks and compiled a list of my favorite websites to use for music-related projects. The list below includes websites offering everything from royalty-free images for cover art to Spotify playlist analysis. Take a look below and see which websites you might want to save for future use!

1. Is It A Good Playlist

If you spend a lot of time (and money) submitting your music to Spotify playlists, this website is a fantastic resource. Input the playlist link in the search field to figure out whether or not a Spotify playlist will actually bring any new listeners to your music. This website analyzes whether or not a playlist appears on several artists's "Discovered On" column (located on each Spotify artists's biography page). The more artists that have the playlist appear on their page, the "better" the playlist is and the more worthwhile it may be for you to pitch your music to the curator of the playlist.

It's common knowledge that many large Spotify playlists are followed by fake accounts and won't bring you any new listeners. Use this website to your advantage so you can spend your time more efficiently.

2. Facebook Sharing Debugger

Ever wonder why your YouTube video or website thumbnail won't appear properly on Facebook after you post the link in a status update? This website (for Facebook Developers) will help you scrape your thumbnail from your link, making sure the thumbnail will appear on Facebook posts. Make sure to debug your link PRIOR to posting it on Facebook for best results.

3. Loudness Penalty

Do you notice that your mixes are always quieter on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music? If you're a bedroom producer, this website will help you maximize the volume of your tracks for streaming platforms. Upload your MP3 or WAV file to figure out how much the volume of your track will be impacted by the DSP's normalization algorithms. The larger negative of a number you see, the more your track will be turned down. Use different mixing and mastering techniques to figure out the perfect volume balance for your song.

4. Merch Table by Hypem

Merch Table allows anyone to look up a Spotify playlist and see if they can support the artists on that playlist on Bandcamp. This website analyzes songs on a Spotify playlist and returns a list of merchandise sold by the relevant artists on the playlists. If you're a musician, use this website to help your fans find out how they can support you. If you're a music listener, use this website to support your favorite independent musicians during the coronavirus pandemic.

5. Album Release Calendar by Genius

This calendar is perfect for musicians who spend a lot of time planning their music releases. Dropping your first independent album on the same day that Beyonce is releasing a new album might not be the best idea if you're looking to maximize traffic to your own music. Use this calendar to find out when the biggest artists will be releasing their music so you can avoid releasing music on the same day. To find release calendars for previous year, replace the year shown in the link above with the year you want to find.

6. Unsplash

Hiring an artist or graphic designer for your cover art can be expensive. Unsplash hosts thousands of royalty-free images that you can use for your next single. All you need is some photo editing skills and software to place your artist name and title on the image after downloading it from this website.

7. Pixabay

Pixabay is another great website for royalty-free images. This website also hosts royalty-free video footage and VJ loops for your music videos and lyric videos.

8. Pexels

Pexels is just like Pixabay - this website also hosts royalty-free video footage and VJ loops for your music videos and lyric videos.


BEEPLE is the brainchild of graphic designer Mike Winkelmann. He's created hundreds of VJ loops for royalty-free use. These videos are perfect for lyric videos and music videos, as long as you have some video editing know-how.

10. MP3 to BPM

This website can help producers figure out the BPM of any song. Simply drag and upload the song file in question to the website and it will return a BPM based on its analysis of the song's waveform. If you use popular music as reference material for your own projects, you'll find this website handy.

11. Music Fibre

This website, designed by Soundplate, features a wide variety of resources for musicians. Whether you're a singer, producer, or performing artist, you'll find information on how to choose a digital distributor, how to copyright music, how to find a booking agent, and more. It's a one-stop shop for everything in the music business.

12. TuneFind

Lastly, TuneFind can help you find what songs have been featured on the TV shows and movies you've been watching. This website is a great resource for producers and singers looking to create and pitch music for licensing and synchronization deals. Music featured in television and films often feature similar production elements and center around specific themes, so you'll need to study those aspects if you want a chance at having your music played in the next Netflix hit. Learn more about synch placements here.

Hope you guys enjoyed this list of some of my favorite websites for musicians and producers! Make sure to read my article HERE on how 10 Spotify playlist curators you can submit your music to for free.

Happy releasing!


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Mar 02, 2021

Try this pitch and tempo detector

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