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Rosendale - Love, Loss, and the Woes of Humanity (The Acoustic Album)

Hello rosebuds,

Happy Friday and hope you guys are all doing well!

The acoustic version of my new album, Love, Loss, and the Woes of Humanity, is out today! You can stream or purchase the album at the link below.

Listen to the album here:

Hope you guys and enjoy and thank you for listening! P.S. there might be a special bonus track on this album that's only available on Bandcamp :)

Also, you guys might have noticed that I haven't been as active on social media lately. I’ve been focusing on my mental health and doing some self-discovery. I’m still working on lots of new music too. So many things happening in the world and so much to write about.

Thank you all for listening to my songs and supporting my music. Sending you all hugs 🌹❤️


More music:

Stream my album "Modern Myths For A Crazy World" here!

Order my album "The Stages of Grief" here!

Buy the Fairytale EP including "Fairytale" and "Landslide" here!

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About Me (@RosendaleSings):

Welcome to my channel! My name is Rosendale and I create all sorts of music videos, ranging from acoustic covers to acapella mashups of the most famous songs of the year. I also love writing and releasing new EDM and pop music. Make sure to subscribe for new videos every week!


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