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Rosendale - Sirensong (Lyric Video)

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I had a dream about falling in love with a smexy merman. That is all LOL.

… But I guess this song also represents my relationship with my ex. We fell hard in love and he taught me so many things about life while we were together.

He was also the siren that lured me off course. Our relationship didn’t survive the storm, and I sank deep into depression afterwards. I had to learn to let go of him to find positivity again. But that’s a tale for another song on this album.

Rosendale 🌹

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Rosendale - Sirensong (Lyric Video)

Written, recorded and produced by Brian Wang



I was alone

Drifting at sea

Living life without a purpose

Barely floating on the surface

Then came along

A beautiful creature

Body shimmering in the water

Emerald eyes so full of wonder

He pulled me into the deep end

Where all the ocean was sleeping

Showed me the secrets he’s keeping

Into his arms I was sinking

He said


I’ll be your guiding star

I’ll keep you safe and warm


Follow my sirensong

I’ll lead you through the storm

I brought him to shore

So he could see

Everything above the ocean

People dancing with emotion

But all of the world

Thought we were freaks

Never tried to understand us

Threw a match into our plans and

They said we’d end in disaster

Happy won’t be ever after

So we cut the ropes to our anchor

Sailed away into the breeze

And he said


I’ll hold you in my arms

I’ll keep you safe and warm


Follow my sirensong

I’ll lead you through the storm



So I said


I’ll be your guiding star

I’ll keep you safe and warm


Follow my sirensong

I’ll lead you through the storm


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