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The Best Musicians To Hire on SoundBetter For Your Next Song

If you're a musician or content creator, you might have already heard of SoundBetter - a website owned by Spotify where musicians can hire other singers, songwriters, and producers to help them finish their songs. You can also register as a provider on SoundBetter, allowing others to seek and hire you for your music services.

I've worked on SoundBetter both as a client and as a provider. As a provider, I've written and recorded lyrics and vocals for several producers. Since I also release my own original pop and electronic music, I often need to hire other instrumentalists and producers to create the music that accompanies my vocals.

I've hired several session musicians through SoundBetter, and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ones to work with. I'm a repeat customer for at least two of the musicians below, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for guitar, piano, or other production work. I've included my own personal projects that these musicians have worked on, so you can take a listen for yourself and see the creative genius they offer.

1. PianoNest

PianoNest delivers high-quality piano tracks to clients all over the world. His piano accompaniments have been featured on projects by Calum Scott, Jason Chen, Marie Digby, David So, and Samantha Harvey. Based in Indonesia, he has over 20 years of experience and has been playing in various gigs and venues around the world. I'd highly recommend him if you're looking for a piano accompaniment for your next project!

2. Joachim Nordensson

Joachim is a producer and guitar player based in Seattle, Washington. He specializes in creating and arranging guitar pieces and writing top-line melodies. With over 10+ years of experience as a guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer, he aims to create a fulfilling experience for other artists and clients.

My work with Joachim: To be released soon!

3. Jason Swanson

Jason is a guitarist specializing in instrumental fingerstyle guitar. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he records both acoustic and electric guitars using top quality microphones and A/D. He also focuses on production, composition, mixing, and plays the cello. Jason utilizes the Apollo Twin and Apple Logic for his projects with clients. You'll also find him performing regularly for weddings, ceremonies, and other private events.

4. Jason Pitts

Jason is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist (with a focus on guitar & piano). He records from his home studio based in Los Angeles, California. He's worked with several artists as a guitarist, pianist, and drummer, including Sam Tsui, Casey Breves, Kurt Hugo Schneider, India Carney, Macy Kate, Weezer, Betty Who, Tegan & Sara, Hunter Hayes, and Melissa Etheridge. He's produced popular covers found online, some with several million streams and views. As a songwriter, he's achieved over 2 million streams combined on the songs he's written.

My work with Jason Pitts: Goodbye, San Francisco

5. Mikhail Kusch

Mikhail Kusch is a professional mixing engineer and producer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He creates music for various artists in a variety of styles and genres ranging from gentle ballads to spine chilling trap music. You'll also find him producing his own music and beats for sale across the web.

My work with Mikhail: Boys Feel Sad Too

Hope you guys enjoyed this list of some of my favorite musicians on SoundBetter!

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Happy releasing!


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