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10 Spotify Playlists You Can Submit Your Music to For Free - Part 2

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

For Part 1 of this blog post, click here!

Chances are, you've stumbled across this website in your quest to search for Spotify playlists to submit your music. Well, you've come to the right place!

Submitting music to the Spotify editorial team isn't enough. Landing your new song on a large independently-curated playlist can help give your release a huge boost in exposure. As a singer and songwriter, I've spent countless hours scouring the web for independent Spotify curators. Over the past few years, I've compiled a list of all of the curators and playlists I've pitched my music to. Now I'm sharing my list with you!

Here's a one-stop page for you to submit your music to some of the most popular independent Spotify playlist curators. These websites accept music in all different genres, including pop, rap, hip-hop, EDM, rock, country, indie, and more. All of these submissions are free and only require you to follow a playlist in return for the submission website or link.

If you haven't already, don't forget to submit your music to the Spotify editorial team through Spotify For Artists. It's competitive, but don't give up. My songs have been included in Friday Cratediggers, Creamy, and Ultra Gaming.

1. DistroKid Spotify Playlist

If you distribute your music through DistroKid, don't forget this simple way to submit your music for playlist consideration at the link above! You might be submitting your newest release to Philip Kaplan (CEO of DistroKid) himself. All music genres are considered.

2. Xune Mag

Xune Mag is a website and blog aiming to uncover the best independent & emerging artists from across the world. They accept music of all genres, so make sure to submit to them for a chance to be featured.

3. Double J Music

Double J Music is a record label and production company based in the UK, founded by twin brothers Jonathan and James Kinnear. In 2016, Double J launched its playlist network on Spotify, curating a diverse range of new music in genres ranging from commercial dance to classical piano.

Amassing over 100,000 followers across its playlists in less than a year, the playlists are now among the fastest growing on Spotify (over half a million followers). Their playlists feature everything from dance music to acoustic piano instrumentals, so be sure to submit your music to them.

4. Howard Zhu

Howard Zhu curates a large pop, R&B, club, party, chill, and EDM playlist with over 100,000 followers. Think you have a viral hit or a house banger on your hands? Make sure to submit to him using the Google Form above!

5. MySphera

MySphera is a website that helps musicians match their music with the most relevant tastemakers. Their goal is to help up-and-coming musicians build a strong fanbase in the easiest way possible. The link above includes a list of playlisters, content creators, bloggers, brands, and gamers who accept free submissions in a variety of genres. Submit your track to them and let them take care of the rest!

6. Kolibri Music

Kolibri is an independent team of playlist curators aiming to create playlists featuring the best music. No matter the genre, mood, popularity or location, they'll be sure to listen to your music. Submit your next release using the link above!

7. High Road Publicity

High Road Publicity is a website, record label, and blog focusing on promoting smaller acts and bands. Their playlists are expansive and accept music in the indie rock, indie pop, folk, alternative, hardcore, metal, pop-punk, hip hop, rap, pop, and country genres. Make sure to submit your music to them using the link above.

8. QRTR Playlists

QRTR is a group of curators that are constantly browsing the web for new music to feature on their playlists. Their website includes an easy-to-use QRTR submission form. Make sure to submit to their playlists if you create music in the acoustic pop, pop, indie, and alternative genres.

9. DropTrack

DropTrack is a website that helps independent musicians and record labels organize and promote their music. Their goal is to help get your music heard by industry influencers, including global DJs, playlist curators, bloggers, record labels, radio stations, and music supervisors. DropTrack provides real-time feedback and analytics on who listened to your music, when and where.

Beyond their paid services, their website also features a wonderful list of Spotify playlist curators who accept submission for free through e-mail. These playlists focus on all genres. Make sure to check it out by clicking the link above!

10. Sidekick Music

Sidekick Music is an electronic music blog and record label that helps artists reach their unique full potential. They curate playlists in various electronic music genres, including nu-disco, lo-fi, house, and more . Submit to their playlists using the link above!


You probably didn't know that I curate my own playlists, one with over 17,000 followers! Submit your music to me here.


Hope you guys enjoyed this list of independent playlist curators! If you have any of your own playlist curators to add to my list, please leave them in the comments below - I'd love to keep building on this post with your feedback.

Make sure to read part 1 of this article HERE and submit to even more Spotify playlists for free!

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