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Ariana Grande's New Album, "Sweetener"

Hello everyone!

If Ariana Grande’s last album Dangerous Woman was the big club banger, then Sweetener is certainly the simmering after-party. Which is just what I needed right now!  

I absolutely loved this album in just the first few listens. My favorites include the cover of Imogen Heap’s “goodnight n go," which Ariana definitely made her own with trap and hip-hop influences. Both Ariana and Imogen have been huge inspirations for me as a singer and songwriter. Fun fact - this all brings back memories of me watching an interview of Ariana Grande on Nickelodeon of her recognizing Imogen as one of her role models.

Also, (as if we would have expected her to be anyone else but God), Madonna has an awesome voiceover on the track “god is a woman.”  I felt so inspired to cover the song this past weekend. Take a listen below - hope you enjoy!


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