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Thank You For 150k! How Should We Celebrate?

Listen to my new album "The Stages of Grief" here!

Listen to the acoustic version here!

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Hello rosebuds! A huge thank you to everyone for helping me reach 150k subscribers! You guys are absolutely awesome. Also some more updates in this video. Let me know how we should celebrate our milestone in the comments below!

Rosendale 🌹

More music:

Listen to my song "No Friends" here!

Buy the Fairytale EP including "Fairytale" and "Landslide" here!

Listen to my song "Tell Me How To Let Go" here!

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About Me (@RosendaleSings):

Welcome to my channel! My name is Rosendale and I create all sorts of music videos, ranging from acoustic covers to acapella mashups of the most famous songs of the year. I also love writing and releasing new EDM and pop music. Make sure to subscribe for new videos every week!


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