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Rosendale - The King (Lyric Video)

Updated: Mar 9

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I feel like one of the saddest things we have to witness is history repeating itself. I feel like so many things have happened this year that make me feel like the world is moving backwards instead of forwards. The rulers in power make decisions at the expense of the people, and ultimately it’s always the people that suffer.

I guess I wrote this song to cope with current events. Thank you guys for listening 🥹

Rosendale 🌹


Rosendale - The King (Lyric Video)

Written, recorded and produced by Brian Wang



There was a king

Living carefree

He wanted the world he wanted everything

He ruled with a fist

His people were starved

He watched as they begged behind his castle guards

Diamonds and pearls

Emeralds and gold

He bathed in the riches only he could know

But with time came age

His health in decline

The fate of his legacy left to the tides

So he ran to his queen and demanded a child

Planted his seed then he cast her aside

Several moons later she bore him a son

But died just to give him his own flesh and blood



The son grew like weeds

He soon was eighteen

He ventured outside of the castle to see

The faces so gaunt

The dead in the streets

They cried out for help but nobody could hear

Deep down inside him something had stirred

He laughed at the ruins his father incurred

Fire in his veins he stormed back to the throne

Stared down the king with a rage still unknown


The father decreed

The new rule of law

His son to be banished outside of the walls

But the son had a plan

And his heart was convinced

There’d never be room for both king and a prince

He rallied the people and charged through the gates

Shield in one hand but the other a blade

With one fell swoop his own father deposed

He sat on the throne and adorned his new crown


The son was elated

The kingdom was his

Diamonds and emeralds and gold-plated bliss

But what of the people

The legends don’t say

Just like a memory

They faded away

There was a king

Living carefree

He wanted the world he wanted everything


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