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Rosendale - The Tide (Lyric Video)

Updated: Mar 9

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Hello rosebuds!

Here's a little lyric video for my new song, The Tide!

Listen to "The Tide" here:

This song was inspired by my relationship with my ex. After our breakup, I felt like I was living in the past. I couldn't accept that we weren't together anymore. It took me about two years to accept the end of our time together and to tell myself that I had to let go of that relationship. Even though I'm feeling much better now and more positive about life, I know I had to work through these emotions to get to where I am.

In writing this song, I realize that water is such a powerful element. Life is just like the ocean - with one wave, it can bring you wonderful things like love, friendship, and happiness. With another, it can take all those things away. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow, and learn to let go of things we can't keep holding on to.

Hope you guys enjoy! Sending you all hugs.

Rosendale 🌹

Rosendale - The Tide (Lyric Video)

Written, recorded and produced by Brian Wang



We were children of the sea

In the water so carefree

You and I went hand in hand

Building castles in the sand

Then one night the tide came in

Pulled you out to sea and then

I never saw you ever again

I been searching far and wide you know

Hoping that the waves will bring you home

Everyday I’m clinging to the life we had before

But the ocean gives the ocean takes

Holding on was my mistake

So now I think it’s time I let you go

You were always by my side

Left our troubles far behind

Skinny dipping stars so bright

Underneath the pale moonlight

You swam too far away from shore

I saw the ocean swallow you whole

Now the summer skies are still and cold

But I been sailing miles against the tide

Hoping that the waves give me a sign

Dreaming of the day I'll finally meet you at the coast

But looking back I realize

Sometimes dreams were meant to die

So you’re someone I have to leave behind

But the ocean gives the ocean takes

Holding on was my mistake

So now I think it’s time I let you go


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