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How To Submit Your Music To YouTube Promoters

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Before you start reading: Click HERE to Get $20 off my list of over 100+ YouTube promoters you can submit your music to!

You've worked hard on your music and it deserves to be heard. However, with the amount of music being released every day, you'll need to put in some extra work to make sure your songs will reach new audiences. Sending your music to YouTuber promoters will give you a leg up over other artists in your genre.

I've landed music on some YouTube channels like Taz Network. It took me only a few minutes to submit!

YouTube music promoters are people who operate YouTube channels and upload music from their favorite artists. Some of them have amassed a huge following of loyal listeners who trust the promoter's taste in music. Both indie and major label artists often submit music to these promoters in hopes that they will post the song to their channels for additional exposure. If the promoter likes your music enough to share it with their own fans, you have a good chance of gaining new streams and followers from them.

You're probably wondering how and which promoters to submit your music to. This article will give you a comprehensive overview!

Here are a four things to keep in mind before submitting to a YouTube promoter.

1. Does the promoter's genre of music match your own? Make sure that the promoter focuses on listening and uploading music in the same genre as your own music. Promoters normally upload music from one or a few genres, not all genres. Don't waste the promoter's time by submitting a song they and their subscribers wouldn't enjoy.

2. How many subscribers do they have? A YouTube channel with a larger amount of subscribers will likely be able to promote your music to more people. Channels with less than a thousand or ten thousand subscribers (depending on your own scale as an artist) may not be worth submitting your music to.

3. How many views and comments do their uploads get? Make sure the promoter's videos get a decent amount of views and comments on their uploads. The amount of engagement reflects the amount of loyalty the promoter has amassed amongst its subscribers. If a promoter's videos get good engagement, their subscribers will be more likely to take the time to research you and find your music on streaming platforms. Also, more engagement drives up the video's discoverability on YouTube search, giving your music a chance to reach even more listeners.

4. How often does the promoter upload to their channel? If their last upload was 6 months ago, the promoter might be on a hiatus and likely won't upload your music. If they upload music weekly or daily, you'll have a much bigger chance of landing an upload with them.

5. Does the promoter accept free submissions, or do you need to pay to submit? Most promoters take submissions for free via e-mail, but some charge a fee to submit (via Submithub) or charge a fee to upload your song. In my opinion free is always better, but it's up to you whether or not you'd like to spend some cash on a potential music upload.

Now that you've considered a few YouTube promoters to submit your music to, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite promoters below (some of whom have uploaded my music). Note that some of these also operate as record labels; if your song is accepted for upload, you may be asked whether or not you'd like your song to be signed. Read my post HERE on 10 questions to ask yourself before signing with a record label.

Here is a list of my favorite promoters. Click on the links below to submit your music to them!

1. MrSuicideSheep - Pop, Electronic (12+ million subscribers). Submit HERE.

2. Proximity - Pop, Electronic (8.4+ million subscribers). Submit HERE.

3. Selected Base - Deep House (2.5+ million subscribers). Submit HERE.

4. Trap City - Trap (13+ million subscribers). Submit HERE.

5. xKito - Electronic (2.5+ million subscribers). Submit HERE.

6. Majestic Casual - Chill Electronic (4+ million subscribers). Submit HERE.

7. Trap Nation - Trap (27+ million subscribers). Submit HERE.

8. Cloud Kid - Pop, Electronic (3.7+ million subscribers). Submit HERE.

9. The Vibe Guide - Pop, House, and Tropical House (5.4+ million subscribers). Submit HERE.

10. Taz Network - Pop (3+ million subscribers). Submit HERE.

For more promoters, click HERE to get $20 off my list of over 100+ YouTube promoters you can submit your music to! Updated monthly with new promoters.

Most YouTube promoters don't have a submission form like the ones above, so you may need to send them an e-mail submission. Before sending an e-mail, make sure to include the following key points:

1. Your name and artist name.

2. One sentence about yourself and your music.

3. The name of the song you are submitting.

4. One sentence describing the song or the inspiration behind the song.

5. A private streaming and download link for your song.

6. A clear request for your submission - what do you want the promoter to do?

7. All relevant social links (I'd recommend limiting to 3).

8. Offer to do something for the promoter in return for their efforts, such as sharing their channel or their upload of your music on your own socials.

Keep your e-mail short and efficient - YouTuber promoters receive hundreds of e-mails and won't have time to read a paragraph on your life story. Also, personalize your e-mail; a mass e-mail sent to multiple promoters at once makes you look lazy. Lastly, make sure to proofread your e-mail.

Here's an e-mail template you can use for your own submissions.


Hi [promoter's name],

Hope you are doing well!

I am a singer/songwriter based in [your location]. I will be releasing a new song called [name of your song] on [release date] and I was wondering if you would be interested in uploading the song to your YouTube channel on or after the release date.

The song features my own songwriting and vocals, combined with [genre] production. The song portrays [description or inspiration behind your song]

(Private Streaming + Download Link): [insert link here] If yes, could you please link my socials? Happy to re-share your upload of my music on my Facebook and Instagram.

[insert your socials here] If you have any questions let me know! Thank you, [your name]


Hope you guys enjoyed these tips! If you have any of your own tips to add, please leave them in the comments below - I'd love to keep building on this post with your feedback.

Make sure to read my article HERE on additional strategies to promote your music.

Happy releasing!


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