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Submit Your Music To These 10 Spotify Playlists For Free

Updated: May 1

For Part 1 of this blog post, click here!

As an independent musician, your goal is to get as many people as you can to listen to your music. Hiring a Spotify playlisting company or boutique PR firm might be an effective strategy in doing so, but might also cost you thousands of dollars. Why not find ways to do it for free?

You probably already know that you can submit your music to the Spotify editorial team for editorial playlist consideration. Personally, my songs have been included in Friday Cratediggers and Creamy. But did you know that you can submit your music to independent playlist curators too? Landing your new song on a large independently-curated playlist can help give your release a huge boost in exposure.

So here's a one-stop page for you to submit your music to some of the most popular independent Spotify playlist curators! These websites accept music in all different genres, including pop, rap, hip-hop, EDM, rock, country, indie, and more. All of these submissions are free and only require you to follow a playlist in return for the submission website or link.

Before you check them out, make sure that you've submitted your music to the Spotify editorial team by creating an account on Spotify for Artists and following the instructions there.

1. Soundplate

Soundplate Records is a London-based independent record label and music platform. Their website features several Spotify playlists created by the label itself, as well as playlists created by independent curators. It's free to submit and you can search by genre or name of the playlist using the search button at the top right corner of the website.

Submit here: Soundplate Website

2. Filtr

Filtr is a third-party playlist service with over 26 million playlist followers globally across music services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. Filtr offers playlists for any occasion or mood. Submit your music to be included in playlists featuring the latest hits, studying music, or songs for a workout.

3. EDM Charts

EDM Charts is a website featuring some of the most popular electronic dance music playlists. The top 100 playlists are updated every Monday to reflect votes on the website. Click the link below and look for the "Submit Music" link in the left column of the website.

Submit here: EDM Charts Website

4. Sad Boi Hours

Sad Boi Hours is a playlist on Spotify curated by Leandrew Escobedo. His playlist includes songs from all genres including rap, hip hop, and pop. If you write songs about heartbreak, depression, mental health, or other similar issues, make sure to submit your music to him via Instagram below.

Submit here: Leandrew Escobedo

5. Daily Playlists

Daily Playlists is a new platform centered around Spotify, where users can submit music to independent playlist curators. You can also create contests to engage your fanbase and new audiences. Submit your music below for playlisting, expanding your audience, and making yourself heard.

6. Indiemono

Indiemono is a network formed by streaming services’ curators and representatives, major labels from different countries, indie labels, and independent curators that want to share good music. Submit your music to their playlists using the link below.

Submit here: Indiemono Website

7. Tunemunk

Tunemunk is a website created to connect curators to artists. Once a playlist curator submits their playlist, artists must follow the Tunemunk submission gate in order to send their music to the playlist curator. Click the link below to submit your music.

Submit here: Tunemunk Website

8. iMusician

iMusician is a digital distributor focused on allowing independent artists to distribute their music through all major streaming platforms. The website also runs several Spotify playlists that you can submit your music to. Click below to start your submission.

9. Carlos Calzada

Carlos Calzada is an independent Spotify playlist curator who runs several large English and Spanish-language playlists. His playlist, Los 40 Principales (Top 40 Hits) has over 200,000 followers. Submit your music to his playlists by sending a message to him on his Facebook page below.

10. Neon Collective

Neon Collective is a music marketing and promotion agency with the goal to help musicians find and build their fanbases. They have a variety of different marketing channels that can help musicians get their heard. For instance, their curated Spotify playlists are updated regularly with new artists to help them get an exposure boost. You can submit a song for free at any time on the Neon Collective website.

Submit here: Neon Collective


Hope you guys enjoyed this list of independent playlist curators! If you have any of your own playlist curators to add to our list, please leave them in the comments below - I'd love to keep building on this post with your feedback.

Make sure to read my article HERE on how to choose a record label for your music. Click HERE for Part 2 of my free Spotify music submissions series!

Happy releasing!


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