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ROY KNOX - Christmas With Me (Feat. Rosendale)

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Hello everyone,

The holidays are so different this year. They're usually my favorite time of the year, but most of us are still staying indoors. Some of us are separated from our friends and family.

I miss all of the lights, decorations, Santa hats, and everything joyful that the holidays bring. But I'm hopeful that next year will be different. Sending hugs to everyone that's feeling a little lonely right now. We'll get through this!

Thank you to the wonderful Joshua Edwards and Roy Knox for working together with me on this song.

Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for your support!

Warmest wishes,

Rosendale 🌹


ROY KNOX Feat. Rosendale - Christmas With Me (Official Audio)

Written by Joshua Edwards

Recorded by Brian Wang

Produced by ROY KNOX


Music Provided by Magic Records

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Free Download:



I see you standing alone under the Rockefeller tree

You’re shining brighter than the lights, and it’s almost Christmas eve

Do I reach out a hand or just leave you all alone

Do I ask you if you are okay or lose my chance at love

I will give you my heart

Everything that you’ll ever need

I wish you’d spend your Christmas with me

I wonder if you’ve ever known how Christmas is meant to be

And as the snow starts to fall, this could be the love that you need

Can I show you what you’re missing as you fall into my arms

Can I be your guardian angel and chase away the dark

I will give you my heart

Everything that you’ll ever need

I wish you’d spend your Christmas with me


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