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Rosendale - Seven Days (Lyric Video)

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This is a song I wrote inspired by my experience with depression. During the worst of my depressive episodes, I woke up and went to bed feeling sad. It felt like the days would never end.

I found a little comfort in the words of strangers who shared their advice and experiences with me. I saw a therapist, did a self-help mental health program, and went outside for long walks.

Ultimately, I realized that there’s one simple little cure: time.

I think any form of healing, whether it be from grief, loss, and addiction, takes time. It takes a lot more time than you think it will. I needed to give myself time to heal, learn, and grow. I needed time for old wounds to close, and for me to find my way towards new experiences and new people to share them with. Life can sometimes be a waiting game, and we have to wait for the right moment to feel ready to do these things.

If you’re going through something similar, my hope is that this song might give you some comfort and help you find positivity in life again. Life isn’t easy, and nothing is guaranteed. But if you give yourself enough time, you might just find happiness again.

Rosendale 🌹

Rosendale - Seven Days (Lyric Video)

Written, recorded and produced by Brian Wang




I met her on the internet

A tender mom of two

Sent emails back and forth

A couple photos too

And she could tell that I was hurt

She saw my frozen smile

Asked what was going wrong

So I wrote with teary eyes

I lie here in my bed

So no one else can see

The monster that I have become

A sad anomaly

I think my mind is broken

I don’t doubt I’m unhinged

I fell deep into darkness

Now my weeks are looking grim

The first day cuts me to the bone

The second leaves a bruise

The third day I wish I was dead

The fourth day I’m confused

And when the fifth and sixth day come

I’ve got no damn to give

But the seventh day still comes around

And I go through it all again

I thought I might have scared her off

Went days with no reply

Weeks later she responded

To my own surprise

She said it’s okay I’ve been there too

It’s just a part of life

I fell deep into darkness but

Somehow I still survived

She said

The first year cut me to the bone

The second left a bruise

And dark thoughts clouded up my mind

The third and fourth years too

But when the fifth and sixth years came

I saw a little light

In seven years you’ll realize

Sometimes it just takes time

To be honest since we talked

I’m not much better yet

But maybe that’s all just because

I’m only a few years in

But her words reside deep in my mind

Like echoes in the well

So when the week gets difficult

I try to tell myself

The first day cuts me to the bone

The second leaves a bruise

The third day I’m so over it

The fourth day I’m confused

But when the fifth and sixth day pass

I might see sparks of hope

I strive to keep on living

Seven days a week so I’ll know


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